Name and Date Found On Soviet World War Two Plane Found Earlier On Bottom of River

The remains of a wrecked Soviet World War Two plane have been located and are being recovered from a river in Poland.

The plane has been located by firefighters in Wyszogrod in central Poland and is stuck at the bottom of the muddy river.

The plane was shot down by German troops in early 1945 and crashed straight into the freezing waters of the river. It is only because of a recent drought that the plane has been discovered. Water levels are so low that parts of the plane began to emerge from the bottom of the river.

It is whilst water levels are so low that the remains of the plane can be accessed by rescuers.

Along with the Soviet plane Jewish tombstones have been identified also sticking out from the bottom of the river bed. It is thought that the tombstones were dumped there by German troops when they tried to eradicate the Jewish population in Europe.

Historians have attended the site and found a name and date scratched onto one of the parts found with the wreckage. Zdzislaw Leszczynski – a local historian – has said that the name is thought to be of Cyrillic origin and Dyachenko N F, alongside the number 21 12 44, which is thought to be a date.

In other finds with the wreckage is a military dog tag and a camera film, but both are illegible. All of the information has been provided to the Russian Embassy in Poland, who may want to identify the wreckage and crew member who etched his name on the plane, the Toronto Sun reports.

The aircraft’s wreckage is at the bottom of the Bzura River which runs through central Poland.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE