Shia LaBeouf Cut His Own Face, Other Odd Antics for the War Movie “Fury”

Shia LaBeouf reportedly slashed his own face with a knife to make his war wounds, for the WWII drama Fury, look real. And according to his co-star, Logan Lerman, the odd antic was just one of the few extreme movie preparations he made for the film.

The young actor of the Percy Jackson fame recounted, in an interview with men’s magazine GQ, how he and Shia LaBeouf were in make-up when the ‘slashing’ happened. According to him, the artists were putting cuts on the troubled young actor, but the latter wasn’t satisfied with how they looked saying they didn’t look real enough. So, Shia walked out into the hallway, took a knife and cut his own face with it. Logan further went on to say that LaBeouf even kept on opening the cuts on his face throughout the movie and if there are points where viewers will see blood on LaBeouf’s face in Fury, then, it’s all real.

According to earlier reports, other extreme preparations made by Shia LaBeouf in the David Ayer film included the pulling out of a tooth and the refusal to wash up just so he could get into his Fury character. Reportedly, these odd antics proved to be so unpopular with the other crew members he had to be housed in another bed and breakfast away from the others.

Logan Lerman, in his interview, confirmed the tooth removal of Shia LaBeouf for the movie Fury, a WWII film centered on a Sherman M4A3E8 and its five-men crew which include Brad Pitt, Michael Pena and Jason Isaacs. But Logan clearly stated the young actor didn’t do it himself, but instead went to a dentist to make the weird request.

He further divulged that Shia LaBeouf learned to drive a tank for the movie. Shia spent every moment he had on the set, operating the turret in every shot even through the times that others could have done the task, he said.

It can be remembered that Shia LaBeouf had don on a paper bag mask to the premiere of the movie Nymphomaniac during the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. He, then, hired a skywriter to write his apology in reaction to charges of plagiarism against him. His most recent shenanigan was being arrested for disorderly conduct at a New York theater last month.


Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE