Pacific Tank Wrecks – Amazing Images of Surviving Battle Relics in the Pacific

Wrecked Sherman Tank, just off the beach of Saipan

In the Jungles and beaches of the Pacific Island wrecks of all kinds can still be found.

We have for you a selection of Japanese and American tanks and tracked vehicles:

3231154142_906d6086d3_oWrecked Sherman Tank, just off the beach of Saipan [Via]

3231161678_46fac38b9b_zNow used for tourists and kids as a platform to to dive off [Via]

4019829218_23b51d6918_bJapanese Tank on the deck of the Nippo Maru [Via]

3800086342_81226eba28_bAmtrack abandoned at Palau [Via]

12786358594_39403dc8e9_bJapanese Type 95 tank abandoned on an airfield in Peleliu [Via]

Japanese tank, PeleliuAnother shot of the same tank [Via]

13252789195_70f1a43a29_kJapanese tank on the Babelthuap Island, Palau [Via]

3361676529_cde0a15fa4_bThe same tank [Via]

5239958266_c18e9a9b27_bTank wreck at the last command post of the Japanese forces on Saipan [Via]

15200096118_9e2e402b36_kAnother abandoned tank on Saipan [Via]

5691869547_bb0188abef_bRusting remains of an Amtrack on New Guinea [Via]

2367650391_99798b46a3_bAbandoned Sherman on Guam [Via]

Pacific Plane Wrecks

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