Pacific Plane Wrecks, Amazing pictures of Abandoned WWII planes

The Pacific Islands are still littered with plane wrecks from the fighting there. Planes that crash landed on remote locations or sunken in the lagoons around the island can still be visited today.

We have selected a number of the best pictures we could find:

Wreck on New Britain / Marc Tarlock

A World War II plane wreck slowly decomposes in the Papa New Guinean jungle / Taro Taylor

Zero fighter Mariana Islands, Pagan Island / Taro

On the island of Pagan, Commonwelath of the Northern Mariana Islands. Remnants of a Japanese bomber beside the old airfield. / Michael Lusk


Corsair Fighter Plane / Matt Kieffer

B-25 Bomber on New Britain / Marc Tarlock

Japanese airplane remains on Rabaul – Papua New Guinea / Lord Marmalade

Remains of an ambifious plane on Howland Island (Pacific) taken during a radio amateur expedition in Feb 1993 / Peter Casler

Mitsubishi G4M bomber / Matt Kieffer

The wreckage of this Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero had been on the island of Ni’ihau since December 7, 1941 / Wally Gobetz

The remains of a Japanese Zero on Peleliu / Greg Sampson

The same Zero, from a different angle / Greg Sampson

Remains of a Mitsubishi A6M Zero, left in Yap in 1945. The landing gear struts’ stainless steel rods (not shown) held up better than most parts. / stevenson_john


Another Mitsubishi A6M Zero, left in Yap in 1945 / stevenson_john

WWII Japanese Aichi E13A Navy Type 0 Fighter Seaplane / Syn

Jake Sea Plane / LuxTonnerre


Japanese fighter Mark Kenworthy

Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

Originally spotted in 1994 by a local fisherman, from the surface. / Richard Johnson

Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea / Stefan Krasowski

Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea / Stefan Krasowski

Joris Nieuwint

Joris Nieuwint is a battlefield guide for the Operation Market Garden area. His primary focus is on the Allied operations from September 17th, 1944 onwards. Having lived in the Market Garden area for 25 years, he has been studying the events for nearly as long. He has a deep understanding of the history and a passion for sharing the stories of the men who are no longer with us.