The New USS Detroit Is Ready For Duty

The US Navy is keeping quiet about the new USS Detroit, commissioned in its namesake city.  The ship was open for public tours, but news cameras, understandably, were not allowed.

Some people had to wait hours to get aboard, but no one seemed to mind.

For some, they knew the original USS Detroit and its participation in Desert Shield and Desert Storm from 25 years ago.

It’s very striking compared to what he was on, said veteran Michael Metz, who served aboard the first USS Detroit in the Desert Storm operation, FOX 2 reported.

“You could put two of the former Detroit ships on this,” said another Desert Storm veteran, Gerald Jones.

The final destination for the Navy’s newest addition is Mayport, Florida, said Capt. Mike Desmond. Then they will move overseas at some time next year.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE