‘Made In India’ – Indian Government Proudly Launches Another New High-Tech Battleship

The First ship of Project - 15B, a guided missile Destroyer, christened Photo Credit" title="The First ship of Project - 15B, a guided missile Destroyer, christened "Visakhapatnam". Photo Credit" width="800" height="418" />
The First ship of Project - 15B, a guided missile Destroyer, christened "Visakhapatnam". Photo Credit

The second nation-built warship of the Visakhapatnam-class stealth guided-missile destroyers —Mormugao — joining the Indian Navy had its first taste of water after launching at Mazagon Dock Ship Builders Limited on Saturday.

INS Visakhapatnam is the leading ship of the Visakhapatnam-class stealth guided-missile destroyers that was launched just over one year ago.

The Indigenous Warship design and construction programme of India was accomplished with the building of another ship of Project 15B. The warship, Mormugao, will be the fifth leading edge warship, including the indigenous aircraft carrier, launched since 2010, as well as the delivery of a trio of frigates and destroyers and two Corvettes during the same period.

A defense official said the ships are crammed with an assortment of modern weapons and sensors, including a vertically launched missile system for long range attacks of land, sea-based and air targets. With noteworthy indigenous content, these ships are a true representative of self-reliance accomplished by India in warship design and ship building, The Times of India reported.

The P15B destroyers use new design plans for greater survivability, sea keeping, stealth and ship flexibility. Improved stealth features have been made through the shaping of the hull and employment of radar translucent parent deck fittings which make these ships hard to spot. P15B ships will be equipped to operate and carry a couple of two multiple role helicopters, said the official.

Weighing 2844 tonnes at launch, the ship made the slide down the ways at 11.58am on September 17 with full fanfare during the ceremony attended by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Sunil Lanba.

The admiral’s wife Reena Lanba, President of the Navy Wives Welfare Association (NWWA), launched the ship. Admiral Lanba said that the event showcases India’s goal for self-reliance and locally-made products. The Indian Navy stands completely dedicated to the call of ‘Make in India’ and they are very proud that all of their warships and submarines on order presently are being built within the country.

He further added that this also is confirmation of their resolve that the Indian Navy should reach a size and ability that is in keeping India’s larger stature in the world, her national maritime interests, and their promise to cooperate and assure safe seas for moulding a constructive and beneficial maritime environment.

Ian Harvey

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