Man Searches for WWII Veteran Grandfather

A man named GeirSvoren is currently searching for his grandfather, who he believes to be a WWII veteran. Although Svoren hails from Norway, he believes that his grandfather is likely from overseas. More specifically, he believes his grandfather to be a Scottish man from Glasgow. Svoren is under the impression that his paternal grandfather is most likely a WWII veteran who simply happened to have visited Norway in May of 1945, and may be unaware that he has family residing there.

This theory is not as random as it may sound at first. Svoren did not simply come up with the theory that his grandfather is from Glasgow based upon guesswork alone. He has a limited amount of information regarding his father’s father, and has used this information to form the theory that the man must be a Scottish WWII veteran. For instance, Svoren knows that his grandfather’s name was either David Stout or David Stouth. His belief is that when his grandfather left Norway, he was unaware that Marta Kristiansen, his grandmother, was pregnant. This would mean that none of Svoren’s Scottish relatives are aware that they have family in Norway.

Svoren’s search for his grandfather began after his father had a near-death experience a few years back. Svoren’s father used to possess a photograph of the grandfather in question, but the photo is no longer in existence. Svoren wanted his father to meet his WWII veteran patriarch before passing away. While Svoren has no assurance that his grandfather is actually alive, he is hoping to at least find some trace of him and connect both the Norwegian and Scottish sides of his family, the Daily Record reports.

Although Svoren does not have much more to go on than a name and a photo that no longer exists, his research has revealed a handful of clues. For instance, he has discovered that the WWII veteran was most likely either a commando or a sailor in the Royal Navy, working aboard a motor torpedo boat. Unfortunately, Svoren does not have a service number or a date of birth. This has made the search for information exceedingly difficult.

Svoren’s search for the WWII veteran may be reaching a dead end, as it is difficult to perform much more research without information. As such, he has begun reaching out to people on a personal level. This includes making phone calls to residents of Glasgow and simply asking if they have any information on a WWII veteran named David Stout. While Svoren has not returned any concrete results as of yet, he is determined to keep searching for answers while his father is still alive.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE