The Holocaust: A Display of the Most Gruesome War Crime Artefacts

With ghoulish collections from war crimes, the Little dean Crime Through Time Museum in Gloucestershire is one of the most revealing and thoughtfully put together materials showcasing materials from the gruesome crimes that took place during the holocaust.

One of the Holocaust’s leftover on display at the crime museum is a bullet-ridden skull suspected to be that of a pro-Nazi officer that was killed using his own gun. Also on display is a boot with the bones of a Nazi SS soldier still inside it.

Blood stained toys believed to have been taken from Jewish children, as well as a pair of eyeglasses that may have been taken from Jewish inmates as they enter Auschwitz are some of the other collections that are on display in the war museum.

With pliers, golden dental caps and crowns that may have been forcefully removed from the prisoners’ mouths are some of the collectibles that show how inhuman and horrific the pro-Nazi men were. According to a 52-year-old museum curator known as Andy Jones, the golden teeth were melted down and used in the creation of golden bars.

There are also well-worn home made clogs believed to have been worn by Jewish inmates at the Nazi concentration camp where the prisoners were placed as they await their death.

Recovered from Auschwitz and on display at the museum are medical needles presumed to have been used in carrying out despicable medical experiments on the captured and helpless inmates.

Striped uniforms and striped hats, as well as wrist restraint cuffs that were worn by the concentration camp inmates are also part of the memorabilia to be seen at the crime museum. The uniform hats worn by the inmates have nothing similar to the Nazi SS NCO peak cap that is among some of the artefacts to be displayed.

While the innocent Jewish hostages were helplessly awaiting their death at the camps, the pro-Nazi SS officers were busy wearing Nazi SS insignia rings and caps as a sign of honour while committing all the gruesome atrocities during the holocaust, the Mail Online reports.

To cause more pain to the inmates before their death, Jones said the prison guards would remove the muzzle device placed over the snout of the German shepherd dogs to prevent them from biting.They’ll then let them loose so they can bite the prisoners, including women – with their already poisoned pointed tooth.

Talking about the Nazi skull on display, Jones said it is Ofan Utase Black Legion Officer that might have been killed when the inmates became free and turned against their jailers. The skull show a nose that was brutally pistol-whipped before finally killing the officer with his own gun.

During the holocaust, the Black Legion was known as a pro-Nazi group that slayed Partisans, Chetniks, as well as Serb civilians.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE