“A Little Man, Like Charlie Chaplin” – British Girl Guides Visiting Adolf Hitler In The Eagle’s Nest

An unknown girl wrote that Hitler had a toothbrush mustache, he was wonderful with children and had a charming smile.

The description comes from a Girl Guide who met the dictator during a July 1936 visit then typewrote the account into her 100-page journal.  She described him as a little man, something like Charlie Chaplin.

Named ‘Bavaria and Austria Holiday’, the diary says the Girl Guide group stayed in the Bavarian Alps close to Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” lair.

In a poignant and interesting entry, the writer, who in addition to collecting not only photos but also souvenirs, wrote they were invited to breakfast by Hitler and asked the girls and boys if they would like to see the German leader.

They paraded up with the walk taking 2.5 hours, on arrival, they waited four hours.

Where the party of Guides was from isn’t clear, however, they started their journey from London, Mail Online reported.

The thorough account primarily describes day-to-day activities, including singing songs and campfires but also records the geography and sights.

The diary is being auctioned in Dorset at the Bridport Auction Rooms following its consignment by local history collector.

Auction spokesperson Mike Dark said, unfortunately, the girl’s name is unknown or where she lived.

The account has been corrected perhaps by a Guide leader or teacher.  As an example, the entry recording Hitler had only four Storm Troopers and two Alsatian dogs not included by the girl.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE