Gestapo chief who played a major role in the Holocaust was buried in the Jewish grave, claims historian.


Gestapo chief: Heinrich Mueller

Heinrich Mueller, also known as Gestapo Mueller to distinguish him from another general who they shared the same name, was the chief of Gestapo. He organized the mass murder of the European Jews living in Germany known as the Holocaust in an extermination program which was agreed upon in 1942 wannsee conference. It lead to the death of about 6 million Jews. He was the head of feared Gestapo secrets police where his role was to transport the Jews to death camps in occupied Poland. He was never confirmed dead or captured, the Daily Mail reports.

It is believed that he might have escaped to Southern America after the war since his body was never found. In 1949 he was believed to have been seen in Czech town of Karlovy Vary which was a former Germans spa. But according to history professor Johanne Touchel who heads the Berlin Memorial Germany Resistance foundation, he claims that Mueller died in during the fight that engulfed Berlin at the end of the war in 1945. He argues that his body was thrown into the mass grave at the Jewish cemetery in August 1945 which he proved by producing paperwork he had discovered from the archives even though the western agencies believed he had survived for four years. According to Tuchel, he was buried near to the Luftwaffe ministry of Hermann Goering, in his general’s uniform and ID papers (SS identity card) in the left inside pocket of his tunic. Professor Tuchel has produced Mueller death certificate which states that he was a wehrmarcht-German army-soldier.

This has brought confusion about the fall of Berlin and its administration of why such a mistake was made and never noticed until last year. There are many scenario of what really happened but the most likely one is that Mueller was buried in one grave near Reich chancellery then re-buried in the Jewish cemetery after his body was discovered.

This has raised many reactions among many people especially the Dieter Grauman, the leader of the central Council for Jewish in German who said that it is a tasteless monstrosity and it brings bad memory to the victims of the Holocaust for one of the most brutal Nazi sadists being buried in Jewish Cemetery.

A document reprinted by Bild newspaper, dated March 31, 1948 states and I quote: “He fell in the Reich Chancellery, is buried in the Jewish cemetery”. Also a gravedigger known as Walter Lueders said that he compared that photo (referring to the photo in the document) with the face of the corpse and he could see that they were both of the same person. All this leads to a conclusion that is hard for many Jews to accept but all evidence shows indeed Mueller was buried in the Jews cemetery.

Steve Khalif

Steve Khalif is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE