Germany Finally Removes Nazi Laws from its Legal Code

Like many other aspects of the German society, Nazis paid special heed towards the justice system to compliment their evil motives.  Adolf Hitler authorized a number of significant amendments and additions in the country’s legal code, so that it serves the Nazi’s policies in the country. A number of terms were ‘crudely’ defined in order to a accommodate Nazi agenda and to keep an iron grip on the society.

The remnants of the Nazi legal code has survived in the German legal system with Nazi defined lexicons and terminologies. Germany is now prepared to not only revise all outdated and simply absurd terms from the legal system, but also to abolish them altogether.

This purge has been made possible as a result of a 900-page report prepared by a commission of legal experts, who recommended that a major revision is needed to purge the legal system off the Nazi signatures. The report was thoroughly read and approved by the Justice Minister Heiko Maas, who is determined to abolish all Nazi reflections from Germany’s code. He emphasized that Germany does not have to rely on the laws defined by Hitler and his team, and that country is very much capable to challenge and revise any such absurdities.

During the Second World War thousands of German citizens and soldiers were sentenced to death and executed on suspicion of treason and murder. This affair of defining and issuing death sentence ‘wholesale’ was supervised by so called ‘People’s Court’ run by Hitler’s closest aid Roland Freisler. Historians suggest that like many other Nazis, Friesler was a sadist and took great pleasure in issuing death sentence. In 1941 he presented a modified definition of ‘murder’ and ‘manslaughter’ to Hitler, who promptly authorized and gave Freisler a ‘license to kill’ his own soldiers and people, the Mirror reports.

According to the report presented to Justice Minister, these definitions were not only flawed but were intentionally twisted to serve Nazi’s agenda. Most of the crimes were defined on the assumption that the perpetrators were inherently criminals, and no attention was paid towards the nature and implication of the actual crime itself. This gave Freisler authority to deem the accused people as inherently wrong doers without any chance of being reformed or rehabilitated.

The decision of purging German legal code off Nazi’s terminologies has been widely welcomed by all sectors of German society. German Bar Association and Central Council of Jews in Germany hailed the reforms calling this a significant step forward towards a better peaceful Europe.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE