Explorers Inspect German WWII Sub Close to Texas Coast

Explorers recently came to check on the sub fighting for the Nazi empire lying deep in on the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico close to the coast of Texas. The U-boat wreck is a constant reminder of a mostly unknown fact — that the Second World War almost came to Texan shores.

Just recently, explorers – among them Robert Ballard, the underwater adventurer who discovered the remains of the unsinkable Titanic – went exploring the area around the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas coastline to document shipwrecks related to the Second World War.

It can be remembered how, during WWII, several Nazi propaganda films touted the success of Hitler’s subs and how these U-boats sank countless of Allied ships mostly within the North Atlantic.

It seems that there was a ring of truth in these said propaganda. Nevertheless, as pointed by one of the explorers, Richie Kohler, the American government suppressed that “truth” — that the U-boats were quite successful, that they came too close into the shores of America and that the country had its hands full in warding the enemy away.

Still, there’s another undocumented WWII story found in the annals of the internet. It goes to say that Hitler’s naval commanders went on to dispatch 22 subs to skulk on the waters close to home, in the Gulf of Mexico and even in the Texas coastline.

Titanic explorer Ballard, one of the underwater explorers who is taking interest in this little known fact, has been prowling the same waters for 10 days now searching for shipwrecks, remains of the boats these  subs downed.

He further pointed out that Hitler had brought WWII closer to America than what the government would admit and what Americans were told about. The Nazis were threateningly close and their subs were very efficient war machines.

Additionally, historians have indicated that these subs assigned in the Gulf Mexico successfully sank at least 50 American ships in these waters including one at the very mouth of the Mississippi River. In contrast, the Americans were only able to down one U-boat, the very same one the explorers recently checked on.

Ballard described these shipwrecks as static time capsules, holding too much history frozen in time. Furthermore, they are eerie reminders of how close Hitler was to the shores home.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE