Exciting Call Of Duty 2017 Speculation Points to World War Two Theme For New Game

Many people are speculating about to what the new Call of Duty game, expected in 2017, will be. The game has simply been referred to as “Call of Duty 2017” until now, but most of the speculation centers on the game returning to its World War II roots.

New leaks that have been making the rounds online seem to indicate an alternate scenario set in WWII.

YouTuber FPSArcer has recently posted information from a high-profile individual person in the community who received information from Sledgehammer. Apparently, Sledgehammer is impressed with the work of Treyarch on “World at War” and the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle.”

These works are forming the basis of the Call of Duty 2017 game. It is possible the game might even set the Nazis as the good guys and the Allies as the villains.

Multiplayer is expected to get revamped, including a new XP system for player progression. It is thought that the new system may focus less on how much a player plays and more on how they develop their skills instead, Stars Post reported.

Even though the two sources named in the speculation in December and again this month, nothing official has been released about COD 2017. There have been some teases from the game developers which point toward a WWII setting, including an image of a gun from that era.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE