Cyprus Lost Much While Fighting The Fascists in WWII

Precious Cargo Handling - Cyprus donkey exports during World War II

Precious Cargo Handling – Cyprus donkey exports during World War II
Precious Cargo Handling – Cyprus donkey exports during World War II

The island of Cyprus was one of many nations, large and small, that saw the necessity of fighting against the fascist regimes of the Axis during the Second World War. There were in close alliance with Greece, and so felt somewhat obligated to join. Recently, at a celebration of the sixty-ninth year passed since V-E Day, the government of Cyprus recognized that victory came at a great cost for the island and its people.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic, who acknowledged the victory of the Allied forces as one of the most astounding accomplishments that nations have achieved through cooperation in all of history. He also recognized that Cyprus did not come out of the conflict completely unscathed. Many lives were lost from a land that was not very large to begin with. The President feels that it is necessary to remember those who served, whether they are dead or alive today.

The men honored by the President’s speech were not just soldiers, but all who served in any capacity. Likewise, he felt that those who risked their lives are worthy of the same admiration as those whose sacrifice was unfortunately more final. They all saw that the world at large, not just Cyprus, stood to lose everything if the Axis won the war and continued its spread throughout the globe. Those who served could not stand idly by and simply watch the fascist regime run rampant.

Fighting for democracy was a shared ideal across many nations at the time, and their collective efforts won the fray. It is often said that no single country won the war, and the island’s President is well aware of the sacrifice made by those with whom Cyprus was allied. His goal is not to detract from this whatsoever, merely to remember the many casualties the island suffered when such a large portion of its population marched off to fight at Greece’s side, the Famagusta Gazette reports.

Cyprus aided a cause which was shared across many borders, and the deaths of many of its people was a part of the sacrifice made by many in defense of freedom. The Second World War will always be a major part of the history of the world, as it demonstrates both the horrible atrocities and the amazing feats of human kindness that can arise from dedication to one’s country. This means that attention must be paid to the good of the world at large, and that is what many men from Cyprus fought and died for without doubt or hesitation.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE