The chilling abadoned hospital that nursed Hitler back to health after he was shot in a battle.



Beelitz-Heilstatten in Brandenburg, Germany was a location of large complex hospital consisting of about 60 buildings which was designed by Heino Schimieden in 1898 to be used as sanatorium by Beijing workers health insurance cooperation but during the First World War it was changed to a military hospital. It was at this hospital that Adolf Hitler was treated until he recovered from the wound of a gunshot in the leg at the battle of Somme.

In 1945 the hospital was occupied by the Soviet Red Army Forces and it remained under the care of the Russians up to the year 1995 when they gave it back to the Germany government after the western and eastern Germany reunited again due to the destruction of the Berlin wall. Due to the withdrawal of the Russians attempts were made to privatize the whole building but to no success.

Some sections of the hospital such as neurological rehabilitation center continues with its operations but  most complex area of the building was abandoned including the surgical and psychiatrist  area by the year 2000 which made the town  to have a ghost like feeling according to the research done in year 2007. The building has turned to an attraction site attracting many visitors including film makers which has lead to a movie “Pianist in 2002 and 2008 by Tom Cruise” being made there.

The building is still being used as centre of research and taking care of the victims who suffers from Parkinsons disease.

A sign still hangs on the wall of the complex from the time the Soviet occupied the building even after it was abandoned. The unused hospital serves as a memory of Hitler when he was alive because of the time he stayed there.

Since the abandonment of the complex in 2002 no attempt has been made to rebuild it or the surrounding area.

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