British Corn Maze Honors WWI

A corn maze in the United Kingdom has recently undergone some interesting design changes, the purpose of which are to honor those who fought in the First World War. The Leicestershire attraction now boasts the shape of a cannon when seen from an aerial view. It is specifically the type of cannon which would have been used in WWI. The Wistow Maze’s new design is likely to be seen by a number of visitors, as the corn maze is among the largest in the whole of the United Kingdom. It has also been voted Leicestershire’s best attraction.

The First World War was a tragic chain of events which led to the deaths of more than sixteen million people. This is the hundredth year since the commencement of the fighting, and as such there have been a great many tributes worldwide. The redesign of the corn maze is one of the more creative of these tributes, as well as one of the longest in the making. This is because the Wistow Maze’s owners spend months working on their design each year.

The owners wanted to pay tribute to those who fell in the fray while still keeping things light-hearted. Given the extraordinary amount of guests they receive annually, they felt that using their corn maze itself as an honorary medium would be the best course of action. It will be a temporary remembrance, however, as Wistow is only open each year until the harvest season. At that point, the eight-acre field is cleared to make room for the following year’s design, the Express reports.

In addition to the labyrinth itself, the attraction will boasts another fun feature. The owners have placed twelve separate boards in different sections of the three miles of walking paths within the corn maze. The boards each contain different trivia questions that, when answered correctly, will give participants clues to help get them through the path. This gives the attraction an educational spin while helping to further its cause as a tribute to the war.

The corn maze is changed every year. The owners enjoy a chance to make it educational, such as the year the Wistow Maze’s design featured a runner carrying the Olympic torch. That year, the quiz boards were all about British athletes. They have had several themes over the years, such as an Egyptian theme with the shape of a pharaoh’s tomb and a bee-shaped corn maze with a quiz on endangered wildlife. Admission is inexpensive, so those seeking a fun and educational family experience can always turn to Wistow.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE