Birth Home of Adolf Hitler May Benefit Immigration

The birth home of Adolf Hitler will potentially see completely new usage due to current governmental considerations to use the house as a center for the education of language. The site has seen numerous considerations over the past few decades since the end of the Second World War. The interior ministry of Austria felt that, due to its relation to former dictator Adolf Hitler, the house should be geared toward a good cause.

The current owner of the house has avoided previous suggestions out of worry that the extremist groups of today’s culture might cause harm to the location if it were turned into a memorial which noticeably degraded Nazism or Adolf Hitler. The location has always been guarded against extremist groups, with no possibility provided for residency in the event that such allowances would specifically entice Nazi sympathizers to live there. Before the past two years, the birth home had already been used for a somewhat charitable cause, providing care and tutoring for the learning disabled.

Now, the former Nazi auras of hatred and xenophobia will be combatted by aiding the cause of peaceful immigration. Immigrants still adjusting to new surroundings will be able to attend a school for the benefit of learning their new language, and the former home of Adolf Hitler will also provide a site for other much-needed educational pursuits to allow easier integration of new citizens into the country. The site will need to be refurbished quite a bit, but it has been agreed upon following a long series of discussions and the plan appears to be firmly in place, The Telegraph reports.

The former Third Reich leader only lived in the house for around three years following his birth, but that did not keep it from acquiring a bit of meaning for him. In fact, during his rise to power Adolf Hitler had the house purchased by his secretary. The plan for it at the time was to have the site converted into something of a shrine to the man. The idea was eventually scrapped, and the house was repurchased nine years after the war.

The house of Adolf Hitler has been proposed for many uses, but the interior ministry is relatively certain that their current idea is best. It pays tribute to the ideals which the Allies fought for, and will hopefully allow for greater peace along national borders. It is a fate for the home that Adolf Hitler never could have imagined.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE