Austria To Conduct Search For Hidden Nazi Laboratory

Thousands of people were killed in the 15 miles of tunnels that lie under Gusen. Authorities are now searching the tunnels located under the former concentration camp. They believe that Nazi scientists conducted experiments and nuclear research as they tried to build an atomic bomb.

The accusations came after the release of a TV documentary which explored Second World War archives containing various blueprints and reports coming from eyewitnesses, describing Nazi’s attempts to beat the Americans in the race for the best weapon to win the war. Recent readings at St Georgen show elevated levels of uranium. 272 Jewish prisoners were taken to St Georgen to start the digging of the 15 miles long secret tunnels, followed by other 40,000 from which 20,000 died during the construction, from January to November 1944.

Austrian authorities have already invested £10,000 on searches of the tunnels and are now looking to hire a whole team of international experts. Surprising is that just after the end of the Second World War, Austria invested £10 million in filling most of the tunnels with concrete, the Mail Online reports.

Filmmaker Andreas Sulzer, whose documentary raised up so many questions regarding the final chapters of the Second World War, has been doing his own research through archives in Germany, Moscow and America, as he tried to find evidence of the building project. He found out that the 272 prisoners were taken out of the camp on January 2, 1944 and moved to St Georgen where they started the construction of the tunnels. By November, of 40,000 inmates who worked on the project, only 20,000 were still alive. All the rest had been worked to death.

In 2011, scientists believed to have found atomic waste from the Nazi nuclear program in an old mine near Hanover. It is also believed that over 126,000 barrels of nuclear substance can be found 2,000 feet below the ground in a salt mine.And one of the most unbelievable rumors states that the scientists who worked on the program have been burned to death there by SS men for everything to remain a secret.

The announcements that there could be any kind of nuclear material in the salt mines, have made headlines across Germany and now, secret documents related to the dump are going to be released from the sealed archives in Berlin. The documents will go to the state parliament and will remain secret.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE