32 sad, tragic but fascinating colorised images of WWII

Jack Knight


German troops, accepting a drink from a French villager somewhere in Normandy. Mid. June 1944, after the commencement of the allied invasion.The soldier on the left is carrying a Sturmgewehr (STG.44) and in the centre is a Panzerschreck (RPzB.54 – anti-tank rocket launcher) and front right are the Gr.4322 heat rockets used with the launcher.

(Bundesarchiv. Bild 101I-731-0388-38)

(Colourised by Doug) 11415308_719938181469310_9151236100372335546_nGarapan, Saipan, Mariana Islands. 3rd of July 1944.

“Marine infantrymen move fast to take up new positions in Garapan, principal city of Saipan. Japanese buildings and installations were set afire by supporting artillery barrages and the ‘Leathernecks’ (Marines) entered the town to engage the enemy in street fighting for the first time in the Pacific theatre.”

Garapan, on the west coast of Saipan, was captured by the 2nd Marine Division. About 2,100 Japanese out of the original garrison of 29,000 on Saipan were taken prisoner. American casualties were approximately 3,100 killed, 300 missing, and 13,100 wounded.  (From the Photograph Collection (COLL/3948), Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections)

(Colourised by Royston Leonard UK) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourized-pictures-of-the-world-wars-and-other-periods-in-time/182158581977012


Two medics, one a Feldwebel and the other a Gefreiter, helping an injured comrade in Colombelles, Normandy, France in July 1944.  (Colorised by Vitaly Lopatin from Russia) 10176269_500061916790272_8551061900199521233_n

July 1943. Greenville, South Carolina. “Air Service Command. Men of the Quartermaster Truck Company of the 25th Service Group having a card game in one of the barracks.” (Colorised by ‘Retropotamus’ from America) 10277656_509322945864169_2578662320808749372_n

Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski CBE (Polish pronunciation: [staˈɲiswaf sɔsaˈbɔfskʲi]; 8 May 1892 – 25 September 1967) was a Polish general in World War II. He fought in the Battle of Arnhem (Netherlands) in 1944 as commander of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade. More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanisław_Sosabowski
(Colorised by Marcin Pasiak from Poland) 10348552_517455045050959_4223107842219825318_n

Supermarine Spitfire Mark VCs of No. 2 Squadron South African Air Force (SAAF) based at Palata, Italy, flying in loose line astern formation over the Adriatic Sea while on a bombing mission to the Sangro River battlefront. Oct-Dec 1943 (© IWM CNA 2102)

(Colorised by Tom Thounaojam from Imphal in India) 10360463_591510540978742_8571616436365358674_n

A 7.2-inch howitzer of the British Army’s 75th Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery being towed through the narrow Via Giuseppe Mazzini by the corner of Via Oreste Bandiniin in the commune of Borgo San Lorenzo, Florence in the Italian region of Tuscany. 12th of September 1944.  (© IWM NA 18595)

(Colourised by Royston Leonard UK)

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