Travel photographer, writer & blogger Geoff Moore joins WHO!

Travel photographer, writer and blogger Geoff Moore is passionate about both travel and history so combining those interests with War History Online was an easy question to say yes to!

A current committee member of The British Guild of Travel Writers (8 years), Geoff has travelled much of the world in the last 20 years and before that he was both above and on the sea in the Fleet Air Arm for 10 years.  Whether its deserts, jungles or cities uncovering stories and documenting them in pictures is what gets him up every morning.

“I have been working as travel photographer for over 20 years, my pictures appear in publications worldwide thanks to two large picture and syndication libraries who market and sell my images. As a member of Travelwriters UK and The British Guild of Travel Writers (for 7 years) I have now developed my own travel website  In the fast changing market place of modern media it is now essential to have skills crossing over into blogging, writing and video production and hence this is the direction that people such as myself are now going.”




Geoff Moore

Geoff Moore is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE