New Video Game: NUMANTIA

Numantia is a TBS (Turn Based Strategy) video game which narrates the events that took place in the Iberian Peninsula during the expansion of the Roman Republic in 153 B.C.

The game is divided into two campaigns that will let the player revive history from the Celtiberian side with the seasoned Numantians or from the Roman side, leading the Republican army.

Take control of the mighty Numantian warchiefs and manage the resources of the famous city. Or command the unstopabble army of the Republic through camps scattered around Hispania. Choose you own hero in each campaign: Play as Carus of Segeda, his son Rhetogenes or his brother-in-arms Ambo in Numantia. Subdue the Peninsula with the fearless General Scipio or the soldier Asellius, a newcomer legionnaire in the Peninsula.

30 units are at your disposal to crush your opponents: Spearmen, slingers, cavarly, or even siege machines. All of them based on real historical detachments. Face your enemies in true locations like Termes or Palantia and witness the legendary siege of Numantia.

Experience more than twenty years of conflict like you never did before. Plan your strategy. Choose your heroes. Write your own history.

Formats: Playstation4 / XBOX ONE / PC STEAM

Release date: October 2017


Units, heroes, and battles inspired by real events.

Deep narrative linked to the historical evolution of the conflict.

Two different campaigns with their own heroes, troops, settlement, and armies.

More than 25 different units to choose.

Play solo or with a friend in a local 1v1 mode.