Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly in 'Ned Kelly'
Judy Garland performing before a group of civilian workers
Two portraits of Witold Pilecki dressed in his Auschwitz prisoner uniform
Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III in flight + McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II in flight
Michael Caine standing on a red carpet + Bernard Jordan waving from a car
Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson and Steven Spielberg on the set of 'Schindler's List'
Kenneth More and Laurence Olivier dressed as women
American sniper looking through a gap in a broken wall
Wreck of a Nakajima B5N2 on the ocean floor
Gloster Meteor F8 WK935 on display outside
Type VIII U-boat at sea
Young girl grabbing the hand of an American soldier while he marches with his comrades down a street