First Round of Guest Speakers Announced for TANKFEST 2024

Photo Credit: Finnbarr Webster / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Finnbarr Webster / Getty Images

The Tank Museum has announced the first round of guest speakers scheduled to make an appearance at TANKFEST 2024. Along with arena action from the likes of the French AMX-13 and the American M47 Patton, attendees will get the chance to hear these experts discuss the one thing they have in common: their love for military tanks and armored vehicles!

Bruce Compton standing near a row of military tanks
Photo Credit: The Tank Museum

TANKFEST is an annual showcase put on by the Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom. Along with re-enactments, the three-day event, scheduled for June 28-30, 2024, will also feature outdoor arena action, living history encampments and guest lecturers.

The first guest speaker announced for TANKFEST 2024, is Bruce Compton. Having collaborated with the Tank Museum on YouTube and for his latest podcast, Amazing War Stories, the television personality and weapons collector will be discussing Sword Beach and the DD Sherman assault on D-Day by the 13th and 18th Royal Hussars.

Hollywood coordinator Nico Ferrari will also be speaking at TANKFEST, providing attendees with behind-the-scenes insight into the entertainment industry’s stunt and car scene. For context, he’s worked on the likes of Barbie (2023), the Fast & Furious series and The Batman (2022).

The final guest speaker to have been announced thus far is YouTuber Lance Geiger, better known as “The History Guy.” As the Tank Museum explains, he’ll be discussing “armoured vehicles that were stolen in battle and taken where they do not belong.”

Speaking in a press release, Tom Homes, events manager for the Tank Museum, said, “TANKFEST is the ultimate tank event for the history fan that brings together incredible guest speakers and the finest collection of armoured vehicles in the world.”

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Single- and multi-day tickets are currently available for those interested in attending TANKFEST 2024.

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