Want to be a Warlord?-Conqueror’s Blade Celebrates Participation In Twitchcon Europe

Medieval MMO Travels to Berlin, Launches Free Weekend Followed by Exciting Beta Activities

Global publisher My.com is honored to announce that Booming Games’ medieval MMO is charging towards Berlin, in an effort to bring games, streamers and audiences closer together.

As part of the inaugural TwitchCon Europe (April 13-14), Conqueror’s Blade will be going live from the show floor in Germany.

To celebrate this with all aspiring Warlords, for a limited time – starting Friday April 12 – everyone is invited to join in the medieval carnage for free.

The team has added two brand new regions to conquer on top of the previous two starting zones and is including brand-new units to include in army rosters.

Conqueror’s Blade screenshot
Conqueror’s Blade screenshot

Conqueror’s Blade offers an unrivaled medieval warfare experience, both on and off the battlefield, with strategic and diplomatic choices determining the ultimate ruler.

Players can choose their favorite medieval weapons, craft impressive armor, field iconic troops, and conquer a resource-rich world for the glory of their house.

To continue a campaign started during the free weekend, the Spring Mayhem period includes exciting Beta activities starting from Monday April 15.

Watch the Conqueror’s Blade – Spring Mayhem Trailer:

More information on exact starting times of all events can be found, here.

TwitchCon Europe is a massive adventure and it would be dangerous to go alone. To this end My.com has allied with Avermedia, Alienware and Steelseries, ensuring the very best for influencers streaming the mayhem live from the Conqueror’s Blade booth.

During Spring Mayhem warlords have the chance to sign up for the new Conqueror’s Blade Affiliate Program, with the opportunity for video creators, streamers and social media influencers to earn rewards and grow their channels with the support of the My.com team and its partners.

To sign up for beta, find exact starting times of the test and instructions to gain access, please visit cb.my.com