Trailer Released for ‘Before Dawn’ – Film Tells Story of ANZAC Soldiers Who Served in World War I

Photo Credit: CORBIS / Getty Images
Photo Credit: CORBIS / Getty Images

The efforts of soldiers from Australia and New Zealand during the First World War can not be understated, with them engaging in major and prolonged action during the Gallipoli Campaign. Officially known as the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), they cemented their place in history with their heroics and spirit. Their exploits are covered in the upcoming war film Before Dawn (2024), with the trailer promising lots of action and realistic battle scenes.

ANZAC soldiers walking along a dirt path
ANZAC troops marching to the front in France, 1916. (Photo Credit: The Print Collector / Heritage Images / Getty Images)

Based on real-life war diaries, Before Dawn follows Jim Collins, a young man from Australia who leaves his family’s sheep farm to fight in Europe. However, once in the trenches of the Western Front, Collins finds himself feeling “a profound sense of guilt,” with the death and carnage all around him exacting its toll.

Directed by Jordan Prince-Wright and distributed by Umbrella Entertainment, the film features an ensemble cast, with Levi Miller portraying Collins. His co-stars include Ed Oxenbould, Stephen Peacocke, Myles Pollard and Travis Jeffrey.

Speaking with Deadline in October 2023, Prince-Wright said:

“It was many years ago I had the opportunity to read diaries from soldiers who served during WW1. Learning about the incredible victories and determination of these soldiers to serve their countries and above all hope to return home. It was a story I could not shy away from.

“With support from an incredible cast and crew, we have been able to bring this historical epic to life on the silver screen, sharing an important chapter of history with audiences around the world,” he continued. “A story that I truly believe will connect with audiences emotionally, leaving the cinema with a new look on servicemen and women and the true loss that comes with war.”

Levi Miller standing on a red carpet
Levi Miller, 2018. (Photo Credit: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic / Getty Images)

The Australians went to war against Germany and its allies alongside Britain and other Commonwealth countries. The first troops – the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF) – landed in New Guinea in 1914, making quick work of German soldiers based there and on the surrounding islands.

In April 1915, troops from Australia and New Zealand landed in Gallipoli as part of the military campaign against the Ottoman Empire that wound up ending in the evacuation of Allied troops from the peninsula. The anniversary of the landing on April 25 has since become a day of commemoration, ANZAC Day.

Along with Gallipoli and additional fighting on the Western Front, ANZAC troops were sent to the Middle East. Overall, World War I was the deadliest conflict to involve Australians, with over 60,000 killed and another 156,000 wounded.

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Before Dawn is slated for release in Australia on April 4, 2024.

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