Liam Neeson As Douglas MacArthur In Epic Korean War Film ‘Operation Chromite’ (Trailer)

“This is the riskiest military operation that I’ve ever encountered! Why the fixation on Inchon?”

Actor Liam Neeson plays US General Douglas MacArthur in the movie about the Korean War. The movie, called Operation Chromite, is centered the Battle of Inchon which was undertaken in September 1950 a few months after the Korean War began.

The battle was planned and fought by a coalition of UN forces against invading North Korean Communist troops which had taken over most of South Korea, with the Allies only holding a small perimeter around the town of Pusan.

This early battle was a crucial moment for the coalition and was an important part of gaining ground against the Communist troops.

Filming started in September 2015 and it was released in July 2016 to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.