MUST SEE: 21 Amazing Aerial Shots Of Bombed Out Berlin Shortly After The War……


Following the end of World War II, photographer Hein Gorny took spectacular aerial shots of the ravaged German capital. These were the first, if not only, photos of Berlin taken by a German photographer just a few months after the end of the war.Berlin after World War II (1)

The square in front of Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin after World War II (2)Brandenburg Gate

Berlin after World War II (3)Berlin Reichstag: The towers of the building were expanded in 1941 to serve as flak towers. The cellar was used as a birthing clinic by the local hospital during the war.

Berlin after World War II (4)The Victory Column.

Berlin after World War II (5)Pariser Platz: The neoclassical Brandenburg Gate is the only remaining city gate of Berlin. It survived World War II despite severe damage to the quadriga on top and the complete destruction of one column.

Berlin after World War II (6)Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, badly damaged during an air raid on Nov. 23, 1943.

Berlin after World War II (7)Berlin’s Cathedral caught fire during an air attack on May 24, 1944. It collapsed and the floor of the church crumbled, damaging a Hohenzollern crypt in the basement.

Berlin after World War II (8)The exhibition grounds.

Berlin after World War II (9)Berlin’s trade fair venue: The building with its striking facade was practically destroyed during WWII. Reconstruction began in 1946.

Berlin after World War II (10)

Olympic Stadium: The massive oval structure was designed by architect Werner March for the 1936 Summer Olympics.

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