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Ampulomet: The Unusual Soviet Anti-Tank Gun That Quickly Fell Into Obscurity

Clare Fitzgerald
Finnish soldier aiming an Ampulomet while another aims a rifle

A number of weapons were developed during the Second World War. Some saw success and widespread use throughout the conflict, such as the M3 Grease…

M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun: A Favored Weapon of the Devil’s Brigade

Soldier aiming an M1941 Johnson light machine gun

A number of firearms were developed over the course of the Second World War. The scale of fighting during the conflict was unprecedented, and militaries…

Snipex Alligator: The Ukrainian Sniper Rifle Capable of Penetrating Armored Vehicles

Snipex Alligator sitting in the middle of a snowy field

Written by Samantha Franco and Clare Fitzgerald The Snipex Alligator is a massive anti-material rifle (AMR) that’s manufactured by XADO-Holding, Ltd. Having only recently entered…

South Korea’s K9 Thunder Is a Cutting-Edge Self-Propelled Howitzer

Todd Neikirk
Row of K9 Thunders parked in front of a crowd

Following the Second World War, Korea split into two regions along the 38th Parallel. The North fell under the perview of the Soviet Union, while…

Makarov: The Low-Budget and Reliable Soviet Pistol That’s Stood the Test of Time

Todd Neikirk
Makarov pistol and bullets placed upon a camouflage sheet

Not long after World War II came to an end, the United States and the USSR entered into a Cold War. As a result, both…

Desert Eagle: The Handgun Loved By Hunters and Hollywood Studios

Todd Neikirk
Two gold-plated Desert Eagles on display

The Desert Eagle is one of the most well-known firearms on the market today. While not intended for use on the battlefield, the weapon has…

Nambu Pistol: The Japanese WWII-Era Weapon That Heavily Featured in the Pacific

Todd Neikirk
Nambu pistol against a white backdrop

In the early 20th century, Japan was eager to improve its military. The country had high hopes of becoming a world power and, in order…

Germany Hoped the Krummlauf Would Change the Outcome of WWII – It Didn’t

US soldier holding an M3 with a curved barrel

The curved bullet scene in Wanted (2008) wasn’t the first time the concept of having a bullet travel around corners was thought up. In fact, during…

The Mosin-Nagant Has Seen Over a Century of Service

Todd Neikirk
Lyudmila Pavlichenko aiming a Mosin-Nagant

Firearms saw tremendous advancements throughout the 20th century. One, however, distinguished itself above the rest and has remained in service for well over 100 years.…

LRAC-50 73 mm Bazooka: The Incredibly Effective French Anti-Tank Weapon

Todd Neikirk
Soldier aiming an LRAC-50 73 mm bazooka while another loads a rocket into it

Tank battles were incredibly common during World War I and II. The Germans were equipped with impressive armored fighting vehicles that were effective on the…

Why is Russia Using the Soviet-Era KS-19 Anti-Aircraft Gun in Ukraine?

KS-19s lined up in front of a building

Recently, Russian forces have been spotted using KS-19 anti-aircraft guns during the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. The Soviet-era artillery piece is without a doubt powerful enough…

M61 Vulcan: A Modern Take on the Civil War-Era Gatling Gun

Todd Neikirk
M61 Vulcan on display outside

There has long been a competition between countries over who can produce the best fighter jets. This was particularly fierce with the United States and…