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Behind-the-Scenes Facts About ‘Gladiator’

Ryan McLachlan
Russell Crowe as Maximus Meridius in 'Gladiator'

Gladiator (2000) is an acclaimed ancient Roman historical epic, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe. Set during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius,…

Colorblind Firefighter Brought to Tears After Seeing American Flag’s Colors for the First Time

Firefighters placing the American flag on the side of a fire truck

Old Glory is an enduring symbol of the American spirit. For many, it’s a source of pride and the reason they do some of the…

The Iraqi Air Force Buried Its MiG-25s In the Desert to Stop Them Being Destroyed By the US

American troops digging a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 out of the Iraqi desert

There are some things you don’t expect to find hidden in the middle of the desert, and a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 is certainly one of them. The…

Judy Garland Did Her Part For The War Effort By Performing At War Bond Drives

Judy Garland performing before a group of civilian workers

World War II brought about immense challenges and uncertainties. During these dark times, Hollywood played a crucial role in lifting the spirits of the masses.…

Trailer for ‘The Great Escaper’ Shows Michael Caine as D-Day Veteran Jordan Bernard

Michael Caine standing on a red carpet + Bernard Jordan waving from a car

In 2014, a World War II veteran by the name of Bernard Jordan made headlines after he left his retirement home in Britain and journeyed…

Downed Nakajima B5N2 Torpedo Bomber Off the Coast of Papua New Guinea

Wreck of a Nakajima B5N2 on the ocean floor

During the Second World War, the Nakajima B5N emerged as one of the most formidable aircraft in the Imperial Japanese Navy’s (IJN) arsenal. Renowned for…

Even Children Were Thrilled Following the US’ Entry Into WWI

Young girl grabbing the hand of an American soldier while he marches with his comrades down a street

World War I was truly the first conflict of its kind, engulfing much of the world from 1914-18. While the majority involved became embroiled in…

Dale Dye Ensured These Military Movies Were As Authentic As Possible

Dale Dye on the set of 'Alexander'

Dale Dye is a US Marine Corps veteran who valiantly served his country during the Vietnam War. Upon his return to the United States, he…

‘The Hurt Locker’ Was a Box Office Flop, Despite Being a Critically-Acclaimed Film

Samantha Franco
Jeremy Renner as Sgt. First Class William James in 'The Hurt Locker'

Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker (2008) saw Jeremy Renner portray a character serving in the Iraq War. While the film did poorly upon its debut in…

Charity Allows War Veterans to Unearth the Secrets of the Battle of Waterloo

Clare Fitzgerald
Painting of the Battle of Waterloo

While scientific digs are typically conducted by the likes of archaeologists and palaeontologists, there’s a war charity that actively looks to get military veterans involved.…

Remains of German U-boat SM UC-55 Identified Off the Coast of the Shetland Islands

SM UC-42 at sea

A team of divers have confirmed the identity of the wreck of a World War I-era German U-boat sunk off the coast of the Shetland…

US Marine Taking a Break During the Battle of Saipan

Pfc. Raymond Hubert sitting on a naval shell while emptying sand from his boot

The Battle of Saipan, fought between June 15 to July 9, 1944, was a significant turning point in the Pacific Theater. As part of the…