Noor Muhammad

Noor Muhammad is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Articles by Noor Muhammad:

Baron Jean De Selys Longchamps & The “Forbidden” Attack On Gestapo HQ

It was January 20, 1943, when the people of Brussels saw the German occupying forces getting their due reward at the hands of a Hawker…

Catch-22 Movie Remake is Just The Gritty War Comedy We Need

Clooney said that he initially opposed the proposition of adapting the novel into a miniseries as he “didn’t want to get into the middle of…

John Wayne, Draft Dodger? Why the Duke Never Served In World War II

John Wayne as Lt. Col. Benjamin H. Vandervoort in 'The Longest Day'

John Wayne is undeniably one of the most popular actors in American history. His vast legacy of films set the standards for years to come…