Clare Fitzgerald

Clare Fitzgerald is a Writer and Editor with eight years of experience in the online content sphere. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from King’s University College at Western University, her portfolio includes coverage of digital media, current affairs, history and true crime.

Among her accomplishments are being the Founder of the true crime blog, Stories of the Unsolved, which garners between 400,000 and 500,000 views annually, and a contributor for John Lordan’s Seriously Mysterious podcast. Prior to its hiatus, she also served as the Head of Content for UK YouTube publication, TenEighty Magazine.

In her spare time, Clare likes to play Pokemon GO and re-watch Heartland over and over (and over) again. She’ll also rave about her three Maltese dogs whenever she gets the chance.

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Articles by Clare Fitzgerald:

Close Air-to-Air Combat Made MiG Alley One of the Deadliest Places of the Korean War

Four photos of a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 in flight

For many US Air Force pilots, one of the most deadly places to battle the enemy during the Korean War was MiG Alley. The site…

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Awarded State Honors By Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Myhailo Iliev petting Patron, the bomb-sniffing dog

The majority of military enthusiasts are aware of the importance of bomb-sniffing dogs, especially in times of war. One recently received state honors from Ukrainian…

New Gold Train? Group Claims Nazi Gold Discovery Worth Nearly $250 Million

Exterior of Seydlitz Palace

Treasure hunters have long been fascinated with locating the hidden gold and loot taken by the German Army and hidden across Eastern Europe during the…

Lahti L-39: The Anti-Tank Weapon the Finnish Nicknamed the “Elephant Gun”

Two Finnish soldiers lying behind a Lahti L-39

When the Soviet Union invaded Finland in November 1939, its military was largely unprepared. In fact, the vast majority of men who signed up to…

Video Captures Touching Moment Between Grandfather and Higher-Ranking Granddaughter

Staff Sgt. James Williams saluting 2nd Lt. Charlotte Williams

For many American families, serving in the military is something that gets passed down from generation to generation. In some instances, the younger generation surpasses…

Boeing Delivers First T-7A Red Hawk Jet Trainer to US Air Force

Lt. Gen. Richard Clark speaking in front of a Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk

The US Air Force’s first new jet trainer in 60 years has finally begun coming off the production line. Along with utilizing new technology that’ll…

Germany Files Case Against Italy with UN’s Top Court Over WWII Reparations

Exterior of The Hague

The German government has filed a case against Italy with the United Nations’ International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the two countries’ long-running dispute over…

A Shark Wreaked Havoc on the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Fleet

USS Florida (SSGN-728) at sea + Cookiecutter shark

There are a number of reasons why submarines have been taken out of commission while scouring the depths of the ocean. These include hitting sea…

Revolutionary War-Era Cannons Pulled from Savannah River Could Be from Scuttled British Ship

Two Revolutionary War-era cannons on display

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Savannah District has completed maintenance dredging in the Savannah River, a project which uncovered a total of 19 cannons…

US Army Garrison Italy Replaces Birthday Cake Stolen from Italian Girl 77 Years Ago

Meri Mion being presented with her birthday cake

Soldiers with US Army Garrison Italy have returned a birthday cake members of the 88th Infantry Division stole from a 13-year-old Italian girl 77 years…

Able Archer 83: The NATO Exercise That Nearly Sparked Nuclear War

NATO members standing in front of a missile launcher

NATO has always been a topic of contention between the west and Russia. This was especially true during the Cold War, when there were fears…

The M203 Grenade Launcher’s Decades of Service Are Proof of Its Effectiveness

US soldier lying on his stomach with an M16A2 rifle equipped with an M203 grenade launcher

Throughout the course of the Vietnam War, the US Army developed a number of grenade launchers to aid forces in Southeast Asia. One of those…