Top 10 World War Two Films – Stories Of Heroism And Tragedy (Watch)

One more treat for the War History Online film buffs ― Top 10 WWII Films. Now, which is the best WWII movie is always a matter of heated discussion, but this list sums it up neatly. WWII is probably the most exploited war in the film industry ever and the competition is truly admirable. Even the so-called Honorable Mentions on this list deserve all the attention as their official counterparts.

The war that shaped not only the politics of the 20th century but its views on culture and art has certainly been depicted in many movie masterpieces that remain engraved in the viewer’s mind. The brutal scenes of Normandy landings or the cold-blooded extermination of Jews during the Holocaust put together with the war in the Pacific or the Eastern Front serve as a testimony of a time when true heroes were made and when men and women all over the world united to oppose the destructive force of the fascist Nazi ideology.

On the other hand, many WWII films act as a meditation on war, honor, patriotism, but also madness, loss, and vengeance. Since the biggest conflict in modern history served as the biggest inspiration pool for filmmakers, our perception of the war as viewers is often influenced by these depictions.

No matter the criteria, whether it be the special effects, the costumes, the acting, the directing or the script, the Second World War on film offers us different perspectives, personal stories, and tragic figures and as such holds, in general, a historic value. Then again, it is a special treat to hunt for historical inaccuracies in movies, as they often sacrifice the truth for popularity.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did and be free to mention other great WWII films that are not on the list!

Nikola Budanovic

Nikola Budanovic is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE