New Korean War Movie “Operation Chromite” Has Successful Opening Weekend

Liam Neeson, the actor from Northern Ireland, is pleased to hear how well his new movie Operation Chromite did this weekend in South Korea. Neeson plays General Douglas MacArthur in the movie, the man who led the United Nations Command during World War II. Neeson says that he feels honored and humbled to be part of the story, which shows Korean people’s resilience, courage, and bravery.

The movie is about the landing in Incheon, South Korea during the Korean War. It focuses on a secret intelligence unit that spied in North Korea. Their mission, “X-Ray,” was a 24-hour reconnaissance and intelligence gathering mission led by MacArthur and eight Koreans.

CJ Entertainment produced the film, which also stars Lee Jung Jae of Korea. Approximately 1.8 million people watched the movie on 1,047 screens during the July 29th to 31st weekend. The domestic box office was 2.62 million.

Neeson, 64, sent an email congratulating the producers, the director John H. Lee, his fellow actors, and the crew that worked so hard to make the movie successful. The movie debuted at the top of the box office and had remained there.

Operation Chromite replaced Train to Busan at the top of the charts. Train to Busan dropped to second place. The zombie movie made $11.09 million from 1.45 million admissions, which pushed its total to $61.05 million and 8.4 million admissions, according to Variety.

Jason Bourne came in third in its debut weekend. It brought in $11.37 million from 1.54 million admissions in its first five days. It was the largest opening in Korea by a Bourne movie or Matt Damon film, with 308,400 admissions on opening day.

Those three films accounted for 88% of the country’s total weekend box office revenue.

Finding Dory came in fourth place, and Now You See Me 2 was in fifth with a drop of 77.1% week-on-week drop.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE