History Professor Claims Hitler Wrote Another Book Two Years Before “Mein Kampf”

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler wrote a biography of himself that predates the autobiographical “Mein Kampf” by two years, maintains history professor Thomas Weber from the Scotland’s University of Aberdeen.

He also discovered that Adolf Hitler: His Life and His Speeches wasn’t penned by Victor von Koerber, a writer and military hero, but by Hitler, that helped catapult the future dictator higher in the political system by comparing him to Jesus and portraying him as Germany’s savior.

Weber said in a statement:”To find it was actually written by Hitler himself not only demonstrates that he was a conniving political operator with a masterful understanding of political processes and narratives long before he drafted what is regarded as his first autobiography, “Mein Kampf,” but also challenges the accepted view that at this stage in his life he did not see himself as the man to lead the German revolution.”

That also disputes the commonly accepted notion Hitler viewed himself as the individual to lead the German transformation.

The information is important since it has caused ideas about Hitler to change about how he became who he was and how he schemed his way up the political system.  Further, it also suggests Hitler had schemes to exploit public opinion to increase political power, in addition to playing a critical role in constructing his visibility in German civilization.

Moreover, he could foster the belief of a new type of leadership that only he could fill, Weber explained.

He discovered the information while carrying out research for his new book Metamorphosis: How Adolf Hitler became a Nazi.  He came across Koerber’s private documents in Johannesburg, South Africa, which implied he had been a stand-in for the profile and not the real writer, CNN.com reported.

Weber said he found letters and several statements written by Koerber, in addition to a 1938 document alluding to Hitler and not Koerber as the author.  He said the document stated the book was written on Hitler’s initiative and with his participation.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE