101st Airborne – Bastogne – The Aid Station Massacre (Watch)

Battlefield guide Reg Jans talks about the murder of between 8 and 15 wounded Americans in an aid station in the village of Foy near Bastogne, December 20th 1944.

Reg Jans’ deep passion for WWII began as a boy after talking to his grandfather (who had been wounded in 1940 while fighting in France with the Belgian Army) and watching moving picture footage of the D-Day landings, parachute drops over the Netherlands and snow-covered foxholes in the Ardennes. His grandfather’s death signalled a turning point for Reg, along with the realisation that freedom does not come for free and historical knowledge should be preserved and passed on.

You can tour with Reg to see key places in our WWII history – check out his website here www.regjans.com


Reg Jans

Reg Jans is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE