The Awesome Leopard 2 Tank Is Unstoppable Against An Anti-Tank Ditch (Watch)

This video footage demonstrates two different methods that a Leopard 2 Tank utilizes to pass a ditch that’s designed to stop it. The Leopard 2 Tank is a large, 55-ton tank and the ditch is 3.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep!

The first method the Tank can use is to slowly enter the ditch and use the tremendous power of its engine to push up the ditch  at the far side and then move on. The second method sounds far more fun – build up speed on the approach to the ditch and simply jump the ditch.

About the Leopard 2 Tank

This tank has a diesel engine (MTU MB 873), and this provides a whopping 1,500PS of output. The four-stroke, 47.6-liter engine itself has 12 cylinders and is liquid-cooled, turbo-charged, and takes a lot of gas.

It has a propulsion pack, and this means the Leopard 2 can reach a maximum of 68 km/h on normal roads – it is restricted by law to 50 km/h in times of peace. This propulsion pack is able to be charged in just 35 minutes whilst out in the field.

The Leopard 2 can also go through bodies of water, up to a depth of 13 feet (it uses a snorkel to do so) and can climb obstacles that are vertical at one meter high and more.