Epic LEGO WWII D-Day Normandy Omaha Beach Display

Beyond the Brick’s Matthew Kay talks with Cody Osell about Brickmania’s massive World War II D-Day +1 Omaha Beach Normandy, France military scene at Brickworld Chicago 2016.

This build was created by Dan Siskind, Yitsy Kasowitz and Cody Osell. Parts of it are based on the movie Saving Private Ryan.

Brickmania has become known for offering high-quality building kits made from genuine LEGO brand parts but in subjects falling outside the company’s official product line at the time of their release. These include medieval and renaissance castles, age of pirates and colonization, and military models from World War I, World War II, and modern warfare.

This amazing Omaha Beach display, shows the landings on D+1, the day after the invasion. Massive amounts of troops and vehicles are being landed on the beach to expand the tiny bridgehead as quickly as possible. On the beach the obstacles have not all been cleaned up and troops are still being landed on the beach in Higgins boats.

Tons of things to see in this amazing D-Day display and very inspirational for the casual builder! Now I have to get my old Lego bricks out and start building something similar.