Top 5 Strangest Photos of World War II (Watch)

We present you the top 5 strangest photos from World War II, with their stories!

We will take a look at beer bombing Spitfires that were flying in beer to Normandy in the summer of 1945 until the flights were banned by the most unlikely government agency. Then there was Disney’s attempt to make gas-masks look less scary for kids, a design which even won an award, luckily they were never needed.

In the early months of 1944 George S Patton Jr. set up and commanded a ghost army so the German Army would think that the D-Day landing would take place near Calais and not Normandy. Every trick was used, inflatable tanks included!

Even more extraordinary was Mad Jack Churchill, probably the only soldier who went into combat with a claymore and a longbow, using the latter to kill an enemy soldier! We end our top 5 is the Battle of Los Angeles during which thousands of rounds of ammunition were fired at imaginary Japanese planes that were nowhere near the city. Talk about mass hysteria taking over common sense.