WWII Vehicles for Sale

A number of WWII vehicles are now for sale. They will be put under the hammer in an auction which will take place in Cornwall (Millbrook, to be more precise). They are all about seven decades old, having been used at various times in the war for different purposes. Some were used for combat, while others were used for transportation or even farming. Many of them are well-known in circuits for collectors of vintage WWII vehicles due to their age, current condition, and former use.

All of these items have been put together by one man, Bob White. Working tirelessly in his barn, he has literally spent decades refurbishing these machines before putting them up for sale. It may have taken him approximately thirty years, but White has managed to get each of his prized WWII vehicles up to standard so that they will make suitable auction items. Though some of the machines are simply war-era agricultural mechanisms, others are more militaristic in nature.

Working on the machines is not just a way of making things to sell. White actually derives a great deal of pleasure from his hobby, and has enjoyed it all his life. When he was much younger, he saw WWII vehicles on their way to Allied bases and he found them fascinating. Although he is sentimental about selling off all of his projects, White feels that it is time to move on and abandon his hobby now that he is getting older and does not have as much time to pursue it anymore.

All of the machines for sale were brought up to full working condition by White. For instance, there is a restored Chevrolet Radio Truck with an expected price in the tens of thousands. This is one of the more intriguing WWII vehicles restored by White, as it comes with all of its tools and even includes nineteen radios. Despite its age, it has a relatively small number of miles driven. This adds to its level of preservation, making it all the more valuable for any collectors who choose to bid on it, the BBC News reports.

The WWII vehicles refurbished by White should pull in a decent amount of money at auction. Since the Chevrolet Radio Truck alone is expected to take in anywhere between fifty and eighty thousand British pounds, it can be estimated that the combined revenue accrued from the sale of all WWII vehicles going up for sale should add up to a fairly decent sum.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE