WWII Stories: The Nazis’ Dolls

Accordingly, German dictator Adolf Hitler allowed the making of sex dolls for his massive Nazi army during the Second World War to combat syphilis [he was rumored to be even suffering from the said illness himself]. It seemed that the Allied troops and the French resistance fighters were not the only enemies the Nazis had to contend with in Paris during WWII; they also had to have iron-strong wills to be able to resist the temptations presented by the Parisian joie de vivre.

According to reports, the manufacturing of the said sex dolls during the war was part of the Borghild Project, a highly classified mission in 1940 which was inspired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler. It was Himmler who alerted the notorious German dictator about their troops’ problem concerning syphilis. Hitler, then, gave the “go signal” for the making of blow up sex dolls and let each Nazi soldier have one to use as a more hygienic alternative to visiting Paris’ brothels.

HImmler, in his letter to the German Fuehrer, said that the “greatest danger” present in Paris was “the large and uncontrolled number of whores” in the city. So, Borghild Project was focused on making sex dolls that were not life-sized but were big enough to fit inside a soldier’s backpack. For the design of the sex dolls, Nazi authorities first approached the Hungarian actress Kathy von Nagy. They wanted her to be the doll’s model. But when she refused, Nazi officials opted to use a blond-haired, blue-eyed sex doll for the sexual comfort of their soldiers.

The Nazi troops first tested the sex dolls in Jersey before the Nazis finally ordered fifty of the said “contraptions” for Himmler’s troops.

Nevertheless, two years later, the project was abandoned. Nazi soldiers were not willing to carry the sex dolls with them as they greatly feared being embarrassed by the enemy if they got captured and one was found among their belongings.

If the sex dolls were or were not fit surrogates for the whores of Paris, we will never know. The vicious bombings the German city of Dresden was subjected to during the war destroyed the factories that made these sex dolls.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE