WWII Albert Einstein Letter Went Under the Hammer for $12,500

A letter penned down by renowned scientist Albert Einstein during the WWII-era was recently auctioned off for $12,500, the amount more than what the auctioneers estimated it would sell for.

Like any other well-known historical figure, physicist Albert Einstein is one person the public is fascinated about until now even after 59 years after his death. The recent auction of a WWII-era letter is a proof to that.

The Albert Einstein letter was penned down by the scientist in 1939 and revealed his deep sympathy for the Jews who suffered under the rule of the iron-handed Nazis.

The said letter was addressed to hat merchant residing in Bronx, New York — a certain Isidore Zelnikerof. From its contents, it can be derived that Albert Einstein was congratulating the man for his work aiding the Jews who were affected by Hitler’s genocidal schemes. The physicist had written several letters like this one throughout 1930s and while the letter did not say in what efforts Mr. Zelnikerof were involved in, it was clear that Einstein was happy with what the former was doing.

Furthermore, during the time the letter was written, the Nazis were strongly driving the Holocaust and many American Jews helped, in whatever way they can, their fellow Jews living in the European nations controlled by Hitler’s regime.

Even Albert Einstein himself, who was also a Jew and was from Ulm, Germany before migrating to America, was involved actively in endeavors of persuading European and American politicians to intercede in behalf of the Jews during the Second World War.

And like other American Jews, the esteemed scientist wrote many letters of recommendations for European Jews who tried to obtain visas so that they could get into America.

The Los Angeles-based auction house, Nate D. Sanders, Inc., was the one who facilitated the bidding for the Albert Einstein letter Thursday, November 20. It was sold off at $12,500 which was higher than its requested minimum bid of $10,000.

Other letters Albert Einstein wrote like the recently auctioned one could be viewed online via the Einstein Archives Online. As for his other writings, they are available online through the Shapell Manuscript Foundation.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE