World War Two: British Manual Bestseller in Germany

An instructional manual written and given to British soldiers serving in Germany as a guide on how to deal with German civilians has become a bestseller in the country after making number four on its bestselling list.

The book was published in 1944, a year before World War Two came to an end.  A few years ago, it was reproduced in English and picked up by German publisher Helge Malchow. Since then, the book has been a popular read among the German audience who have come to fall in love with it.

The manual was created by the Ministry of War and it has a lot of warnings for the British soldiers in respect to how they should act and behave in the course of their service in Germany.

The manual warned the British military men to avoid German women because they cannot be trusted. While it says the women can make delicious beer and sausages, it urged the men not to listen to the stories they would be told by beautiful German women as they might be acting out a script based on what they have been instructed to do.

Describing the physical appearance of the Germans, it said the men and women are plump, huge, and have mostly blonde hair.

Informing them about the best way to handle German civilian, the manual recommended that the British service men should be firm in giving commands to them as they are used to it and would normally expect it.

Besides how to behave, the manual warned the soldiers to be careful and attentive as there are indications German leaders are planning to start a third world war. It instructed them to make sure the Germans are no allowed to start a third world war and that the British Soldiers are to make sure they do everything possible to stop them.

Urging them to behave and look proper in a soldierly manner. The manual tells them the Germans have no regards for a soldier that dresses in a sloppy way.

Warning them about how the Germans find it difficult to control their emotions. It says they go in a flash of frenzy quickly and have the tendencies to lose control if something did not go the way they anticipated.

It went on to tell them about how Hitler’s plan was to intimidate the citizens and make sure no one challenges what he said or did. The book talked about how some of Hitler’s principles have been ingrained in the people so much that they hate the Jews, have the tendencies to want to lord over others and are very quick to think they’re being victimised.

On the quality of alcohol in Germany at the time, the manual said gin and whisky will be a limited commodity with low quality but there are several kinds of spirits known as Schnaps. It says the cheaper Schnaps can take a toll on the body and that the men should therefore be careful when consuming it.

While the book tells the British soldiers to avoid brutality, it advises them not to have any pity for the Germans at any moment.

After the end of World War Two, the older German generation were ashamed of what had happen and were not interested in letting their children know the history. However, the present generation have become more curios and interested in war history. As a result, the sale of books about World War Twoand several other related ones have become very popular in Germany, The Times of Israel reports.

As part of the interest, Hitler’s tea house located on top of a mountain in Berchtesgaden has become the 20th most popular tourist attraction in the country. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of people visiting the Third Reich.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE