World of Warships Sets Sail for Holiday Season with new Update

Wargaming gives Santa’s Gifts containers to all players, lets them construct their own warship and prepares for a 24-hour charity stream to raise funds for Save the Children

Austin, TX, December 11, 2019 — Christmas is coming early to World of Warships with the new update 0.8.11, during which players will be able to build their own warship, as well be presented with Santa’s Gifts containers and a chance to receive premium ships or other valuable rewards.

Wargaming prepares to keep on giving with a planned global charity stream for Save the Children set to kick off across all its territories on December 19th.

A new video for update 0.8.11 can be viewed here.

Keeping the season of giving close at heart, Wargaming will begin a Save the Children 24-hour charity stream, aiming to raise $25,000 dollars before the clock runs out.

Players can donate by buying various in-game items, from premium ships to rare camouflages, with the proceeds going to Save the Children.

Update 0.8.11 VI Leander
Update 0.8.11 VI Leander

Players who log into World of Warships will also receive four Santa’s Gift containers, each likely to contain a premium ship or other valuable rewards.

Containers will also be gifted by participating in in-game activities, shipbuilding, completing directives or through the Armory.

Snowflakes – holiday victory bonuses with large rewards which can be collected by playing all ships of Tier V and above — are also making a return.

One of the biggest new features of update 0.8.11 lets players build their own warship. The Tier X large cruiser Puerto Rico is waiting to be finished in their Dockyard.

Players can complete the warship in stages, from laying the keel to installing weaponry and other equipment, by spending special Shipbuilding Tokens found in the daily missions and shipments, and the new Event Directives.

Update 0.8.11 Hipper
Update 0.8.11 Hipper

Each completed stage nets the player various rewards, with the ultimate prize being the Puerto Rico itself. Progressing through the Directives also allows players to acquire another premium ship – the tier VII Italian cruiser Gorizia.

A new Shipbuilding Collection, with 20 new collectible elements, is featured in the update. Each completed sub collection will reward you with one day of Premium Account.

Wargaming keeps on improving the visual fidelity of World of Warships with the Trident and Neighbors maps, as well as the Hamburg and Marseille Ports having been reworked in update 0.8.11.

Special attention has been given to the sea with a more realistic surface and enhanced wave action.

Update 0.8.11 Dockyard 1
Update 0.8.11 Dockyard 1

Further details on the Update 0.8.11 can be found here. Assets for World of Warships can be found in our press room.

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