Watch it here – Cinematic Trailer Release for RAID: World War II – Coming this summer

Heists taking place in banks and casinos are old hat. A heist taking place in World War II is the focus of Starbreeze Studio’s new game. Developed by Lion Game Lion, RAID: World War II is a four-player co-op game involving stealing Nazi gold. Lion Game Lion is a team of developers who worked for Overkill and created the Bomb Heists DLC for Payday 2.

A new cinematic trailer was released which shows the players taking the roles of resistance group members trying to disrupt the Nazis as they blitz across Europe. According to the trailer, this involves theft, murder, and the destruction of property with a lot of dynamite.

The screenshots available suggest that the game will play a lot like Payday. Players will move to the target site, remove any resistance, takes all the valuables they can grab and get out before the Gestapo shows up. The end could be different, though. The trailer shows the Raiders blowing up the bank they just robbed and preparing to meet the enemy when they arrive.

Along with stealing millions from the Nazis, missions in RAID: World War II are expected to involve combat based on real-life WWII scenarios. Expect to see the demolition of radar stations, disruption of supply lines, and pestering Hitler’s forces as much as possible. The team you’re on doesn’t fight clean, so expect to set some diabolical traps for the Nazi forces, PCGamesN reported.

There is a summer release date for RAID: World War II.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE