The War Series

The most acclaimed English actor, TV presenter, amateur historian, comedian and political activist, Sir Anthony “Tony” Robinson is all set for his upcoming television series on First World War. He is best known for playing the character of Baldrick in the award winning BBC television show Blackadder. In this four part series he describes the First World War and its impacts in a new way using 3D pictures.

He is so excited with his new television show that he went to the extent of experiencing bomb blast in the artificial trenches made for the television series.  The producer on the show set off fake bombs in duplicate trenches in Suffolk, England to assure Sir Tony a true experience of life in burning trenches during the war. Sir Tony was completely showered with marsh and mire after the trench explosion and when asked he described the experience to be extremely horrifying.  He said “They let off explosives to try and recapture for me what it would have been like. You just got blasted to pieces by this stuff. All I got was peat, can you imagine if it was rocks, human body parts, and bits of petrol can?”

Sir Tony is fascinated by the war as his grandfather was a soldier in the First World War, who fought on the front line in the year 1917 and 1918 but he never spoke about his experience to anybody. However, Sir Tony realises that the terror of war might be a reason of not discussing its horrifying experiences after it’s ended.

The audience of this war series will get to see hundreds of 3D pictures taken during the war. During those days these pictures were viewed using special equipment called Stereoscope. With the help of these rare pictures the show will explain the war from its bloody beginning to its devastating end. The war not only ended on a devastating note but it also changed the lives of people across the world both socially and politically. Britain was one of such country to face the profound impact of the First World War. He will discuss how the devastating war changed the lives of British people and put the labour party on the forefront of politics, lowered the power of aristocracy and propelled the working class as economy drivers.

Sir Tony will also be also seen flying a hundred year old Bristol fighter plane, visiting the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing in Ypres, Belgium and driving one of the first tanks used in the World War I. The shooting of this mega show is carried out in the famous war fields of Germany, France, Belgium, and Britain, the Mail Online reports.

This first episode will be aired on Sunday 8PM on the Discovery channel, where we will see Sir Tony Robinson at a Berlin Kaiserpanorama show describing the Stereoscope 3D process and through this he will show Europe prior to World War I.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE