War collection stolen in Sutton

A collector living on Poplar Street in Sutton had his collection of war memorabilia stolen from his home sometime during the last half of June, between the 13th and 27th of the month.  The items had been stored in a secure container in the garden behind his house.

The collection was comprised of an assortment of antique items including weapons and metals from both world wars.  The metals included two sets of Empire and British WWI medals, including a Mons Star medal, two sets of WWII British medals, and three Iron Cross German medals from both of the world wars, the Radio Jackie News reports.

Also missing are two French bayonets, including one with a carving of St Etienne 1879 on its handle, and a black leather scabbard and Japanese bayonet.

The owner of these memorabilia is seeking the return of these items.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE