Viewer Power for an Interactive Episode in BBC’s ‘Our World War’

The BBC drama series Our World War launched an interactive episode, which gave viewers the power to control how the plot will go.

The edition of Our World War, put in motion last August 13, gave the audience the power to make precarious tactical decisions as well as face certain moral difficulties as they take on the leader’s stance of the 1st Staffordshire Battalion in the Somme.

Makers of the Our World War program employed animation and live action for the story which focuses on taking control of the vitally strategic High Wood during the Battle of the Bazentin Ridge on July 14, 1916.

This Our World War episode was launched online in tablets and PCs the same time the drama series’ second episode was aired on TV on BBC3.

The Our World War installment was based on real-life accounts of the soldiers during that time. Viewers had the control over the decisions Corporal Arthur Foulkes make. The viewers, then, could see the short and long-term consequences connected to the decisions they made. Moreover, viewers taking part in this Our World War interactive part would also see how soldiers at that time could have reacted. In the end, the interactive scene would also show participants the best military tactics to do.

Our World War Interactive Episode
Our World War Interactive Episode

According to BBC’s controller for the First World War centenary, Adrian Van Klaveren, the World War One season of the BBC is aimed at helping people get a better insight about the Great War. And part of that goal is to let them feel how it was to be involved in a real life-to-death combat, which placed not just one’s own life at stake but of comrades as well.

He further articulated that the interactive episode of Our World War was based on an actual WWI battle. Its goal is to give younger viewers the opportunity to get a grasp on how strategic battle decisions made during the heat of war could make a great difference in the soldiers’ lives — a choice between living and dying.

In general, this installment of Our World War was put up in part of BBC’s iWonder, the learning strand responsible for other guides which examine the various aspects of the Great War like how it inspired JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings and how about 250,ooo underage soldiers were part of the British troops on the front lines.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE