VE celebrations in Britain will recreate the moments of the VE-day 70 years ago

Starting from May 8, events and celebrations commemorating 70th anniversary of the end of the WWII, will be held for three days. During these events the memories, sounds, sights and celebrations of ‘Victory in Europe Day’ will be recreated by Britain.

Throughout the country street parties and celebrations will bring back the memories of the day the whole world celebrated the victory over Nazi Ideology.

According to an announcement released by Buckingham palace, the queen will lead a thanksgiving service in Westminster Abbey on May 10.

Due to very heightened political situation of the country there had been some doubts about Queen’s presence in the service. Buckingham palace said that Queen did not want to be seen with anyone particular party. This was primarily because she did not want to give any wrong impressions about supporting any particular political party.

But recently Buckingham palace confirmed Queen’s attendance at the service along with Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and other members of the Royal family.

During ‘Victory in Europe’ day celebrations 70 years ago, the queen, 19 at the time was out in the streets celebrating and dancing conga while her parents Queen Elizabeth and King George VI appeared in the balcony of the palace.

The commemorations will commence at 3pm Friday May 8. First there will be a two-minute silence at Cenotaph to mark the moment Winston Churchill announced to the nation that Britain and its allies had prevailed, and won the war for Europe.

At 0930 pm on May 8, beacons will be lit as ‘flames of peace, from Newcastle to Cornwall to pay respect to those who lost their lives for the nation. A small ceremony will be held under every beacon in the presence of cadets and a veteran. Local mayors will lit the beacons along with a veteran and a cadet. In the year 2012, similar beacons were lit to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

70 years ago on May 9, 1945, cathedrals rang their bells at 11am to announce and celebrate the end of the war. Cathedrals across the country will recreate that moment by ringing their bells at 11am. Later that evening a number of famous stars will perform in a 1940’s themed concert. The BBC will broadcast the concert live from London. Locals across the country will be encouraged to hold street parties and celebrations wearing 1940’s theme clothing, The Telegraph reports.

After the thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey on May 10, a parade of veterans, bands, cadets, and women will march from Abbey along Whitehall. The parade will walk past the balcony of the Treasury building. On VE day Churchill made his speech in front of a large crowd standing in the balcony of Treasury building. Parade will end in St James’s Park where Royal British Legion will host a reception for 2000 veterans. In the afternoon RAF will display a fly-past of current and historic aircrafts, including Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane.

First secretary of State, William Hague said that country is determined to pay a ‘fitting tribute’ to those who died for the country and ensured a victory for Britain and its allies in Europe.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE