WOW! High School Football Game Stopped Because US student Wanted To Thank World War Two Veterans

A student from a Louisiana high school stopped a game of football at the school because he wanted to thank the World War Two veterans who were in the stands watching the game.

Chase Hill is a junior student at the Parkway School in Bossier City, Louisiana. He was mid-huddle with his team mates in the middle of the game when he turned to the group of about six World War Two veterans.

The veterans had all been members of the US Army, US Air Force and US Navy, along with a female veteran who had worked in the US Air Force; they had all been invited to the game as special guests of the school’s football team.

A local photographer caught the moment on camera and posted the pictures online, only to find them go viral across the world. The photos were put up on the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Fox 29 reports.

After the incident, Chase said that he had been brought up to show respect and give thanks to those who had made such a sacrifice for their country. He said that he couldn’t pass the veterans by without shaking their hands.

Everyone at the football game was amazed at the young kid who had recognized what the veterans had done.

Unfortunately one of the WWII veterans honored at the Parkway/Captain Shreve football game Oct 8 passed away Friday October 23rd.

Sheriff Whittington and the Bossier Sheriff’s Office offer their condolences to the family of Bludie Langley, 88, who served in the Navy in World War II and the Korean War. He died early Friday morning, Oct. 23, at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center.

Deputies working the game that night were blessed to have met all seven of the veteran HEROES that night. One of the special photos captured that evening was when a Parkway football player, Chase Hill, #83, broke ranks from the team as they headed back to the field for the 2nd half and shook hands with all of the veterans. That veteran in the photo with whom Chase is shaking hands is Mr. Langley.

A week after the football game, he had to go to the VA Medical Center. Eight days later on Oct. 23, he passed away peacefully.

Image sources: Facebook

Ian Harvey

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