Two World War Two-Era Grenades Discovered – In A 91-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident’s Fridge

Left: An American soldier prepared to throw a grenade. Right: A member of the British home guard uses a grenade launcher equipped with an anti-tank grenade.

Residents of the Tappan Zee Manor Nursing Home were evacuated after two World War II-era grenades were found in the refrigerator of a 91-year-old man’s home.

The man was out of the nursing home to receive medical treatment at the time the explosives were found.

Residents were evacuated shortly before 3 pm while authorities undertook “an extensive search” to determine whether there were any more explosives at the site. They searched both the building on Mountainview Avenue and the car owned by the 91-year-old man.

No other explosives were found during the search. The county sheriff’s bomb squad took the two devices, a training hand grenade and a metal grenade,  to determine whether they were live explosives.

It took less than two hours for the police to conduct their search and allow residents to return to their homes.

It’s the second incident this week involving explosives in the area.

On Sunday, ten pounds of TNT and unreported number of blasting caps were found in an old trailer in the woods of Philipstown, Lohud reported.

The explosives were discovered by the current owner of the property while he was clearing the area. Police believe that the explosives belonged to the former owner, now deceased. The former owner had owned a blasting company.

Once the area was secured, the Westchester County Police Bomb Squad removed and disposed of the explosives.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE